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New Standard Lacing Colors!

 I now stock my standard light weight polyester lacing in Black, White, Red, Light Blue, Light Pink, Lavender, Medium Gray, and Medium Beige so you get the widest variety of choices for your New Custom Contour Corset
Contour Corset Of The Week

The Contour Heavy Duty Hidden Steel Button Busk Closure

I am always striving to innovate corsetry and modernize the traditional ways to 21st Century needs, and so for those who demand the most from their corsets and desire the ultimate in secure closures I have created a unique heavy duty hidden steel button busk closure.  This exclusive front closure of my own design is completely invisible and flat, but also as quick and easy to set and remove as my standard hidden zipper closures.  

When combined with a multilayer corset design and heavy duty lacing, my Heavy Duty Hidden Steel Button Busk Closure creates the strongest possible corset.



Inside, a real steel busk.  
Very fast and easy to put on and take off!

View from the top, looking down - a flat front with a steel busk!

Contour Corsets Summer Mesh Underbust Review
By Lucy

The    Greatest     Music     Video    Ever.

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